Comment on the report «As migrações num mundo interligado: Novas linhas de acção», CMSMI (2005)

First post of the blog on wordpress, no more tumblr for me so you can simply erase it from your favs. Very grateful for the praise received from Francisco Miguel Sousa – the man behind tuganomics – about this particular essay. Never really had the opportunity to say it so there you go: thank you Francisco, it felt good to hear such kind words. I’ll be open to translate the essay to english if there’s someone interested in reading it. Despite its simplicity, I hope this words can add something to the debate about international migrations. You can expect a clear text about the reality of international migrations and the associated challenges and opportunities; you’ll probably find here more accurate input than in conventional media or mainstream political debate. It’s important to provide information about some of the real pros and the cons of such phenomenon to the real people, allowing them to take part in the political debate and democratic decisions in a responsible way.

The essay follows a simple structure: the first part consists on a simple analysis of both supply and demand of migrant labour and some of its determinants and the construction of a global labour market; the second part focuses on the potential of human mobility. In the end as usual you’ll find some concluding remarks.

If you’re able to read portuguese download it here; if you’re not but you would like to read it anyway please contact me.


One response to “Comment on the report «As migrações num mundo interligado: Novas linhas de acção», CMSMI (2005)

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