Refers to a society where the majority of the wealth is controlled by an ever-shrinking minority; as such, the economic growth of that society becomes dependent on the fortunes of that same wealthy minority; economic growth is powered and consumed by the wealthiest upper class of society. (source: investopedia)

An economy that is very influenced by the very wealthy or the study of the production and distribution of wealth. (source: wiktionary)

Notably on: Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) referring to a Citigroup report dated from 2006 describing the pattern of growth in the US economy. As a matter of fact, apparently Citigroup analysts describe the whole world economy as a plutonomy. That surprised uh?


2 responses to “Plutonomy

  1. Btw, courtesy of a friend of mine 😉

  2. Thank-you for keeping the public informed about salient topics! Time was, the fourth estate took their responsibility seriously. I am glad that you are not shying away from truth in all it’s horror.

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