EIU’s most livable cities by language

Source: data from EIU

The language might be a relevant factor on picking up the finest cities in the world to live in, according to the EIU’s most livable city index. English speaking cities rank high on the list, with 18 out of the 39 cities with a >90% index value having English as an official language (Honolulu and Hong Kong included). In fact, 7 out of the top-10 cities (Melbourne, Toronto, Calgary, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland) fit the description. Do their common heritages provide some sort of a cultural advantage on building up great cities to live in, or is it nothing more than an anglocentric approach to the issue, designed by an english-language, London edited, magazine?

What are the distinctive features of great cities anyway? Share your thoughts if you feel like doing it.


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