Countries of the Future no more?

Just got to read this article from Adrés Velasco. Like him, many of us believe that starting an episode of growth is very different from being able to mantain it for the years, or decades, to come. Checking out the World Economic Forum Index rankings for 2011, there are at least a few important question to ask regarding Agola’s economic development: how does one of the fastest growing economies in the world (6%) rank so low (139th, ranking just ahead Burundi, Haiti and Chad, and below countries like Timor-Leste, Mozambique or Burkina Faso) in competitiveness rankings? What can we expect from Angola in the future if nothing’s done to reduce this gap and to build better foundations for long term development?

Far more important, what can the different political actors do in order to promote sustainable growth in one of the most unfair countries in the globe? Is government’s intervention part of the problem or part of the solution? Is more activism from the political actors desirable in this case?

What should Angola learn from the Brazilian case-study?


One response to “Countries of the Future no more?

  1. For one, Angola needs protection of property rights

    And very particularly, each citizen’s share of the value of the commons must also be protected as legitimate, inalienable private property.

    Otherwise rampant corruption and rent seeking will mean inevitable social doom.

    Does seem really simple to me… Much more than models for this and that.

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