Who is Tchuna after all?

Normally I keep my sports talk away from this blog. However I feel like doing it today in order to pay a personal tribute to a fascinanting diaspora.


Ilustration 1: RVP pays tribute to his friend and personal hairdresser Tchuna, one of many Cape Verdian emigrants in Netherlands

Since last Man Utd’s game there is an increasing buzz in the internet about who the hell was Tchuna. Some say it refers to the indian girl who died a few days ago, after being brutally rapped by a group of men while traveling in a public bus along with her boyfriend. Some say, and they’re right in some extent, as RVP has confirmed, that Tchuna was a close friend of the player from Rotterdam.

However, here in Portugal and more precisely here in Lisbon, the «most populated island of Cape Verde», as a colleague once told me, quite a few people seem to be aware of who Tchuna really was.

Tchuna, according to these people, was part of the great Cape Verdian diaspora, a country that lives outside its physical borders, and was radicated in Rotterdam, where he worked, among other things, as RVP’s personal hairdresser. National newspappers in Cape Verde are trying to clarify this situation since yesterday.

This whole apparatus also presents a tribute to globalization. News spread in Portugal that Tchuna from Santiago, Cape Verde, had passed away from cancer in the USA, where he was receiving treatment,  to be subject to a warm tribute, shortly afterwards, from a Dutch friend,  who happens to be a famous soccer professional with plenty of media coverage worldwide, working in England as a star player for the powerhouse Manchester United FC.

This is the fascinating world we’re living in. Wishes of a fulfiled 2013 to all.


5 responses to “Who is Tchuna after all?

  1. Well wrtitten article and a message very well said, here in Boston, ma, and also a cousin of Tchuna and a diasporic criolo myself, feel a loss of a great person, Paulo Barros aka Thcuna, do appreciated your candor and thoughts

  2. You are right, but lisbon is not in cape verde. Lisbon is the portuguese capital. Cape verde islands are are a country in africa and portugal is a country in europe. But as you said , lisbon is where a lot of cape-verdeans are.

    • Hi Lima,

      It was just a manner of speaking, because apparently there are more people from Cape Verde living in the Lisbon area than in any of the islands of the country itself. I happen to have a couple friends who say that, specially come elections time.

  3. We need more ex about tchuna

  4. Tchuna or Paulo was my cousin. His father Nene, was my grandmother Cecelia’s brother. When I went to Holland in 2006, Paulo personally showed me around and gave me a haircut. In the barbershop, I asked why he had so many pictures with Robin Van Persie? He explained the backstory of how they had meet and become friends. Paulo was a great soul with a big heart. Our family will miss him very much.

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