Incovenient truth: Al Gore’s Current TV to Qatar

Since 2006, Al Gore, former US Vice-President under Bill Clinton, managed to gain major publicity and notoriety by lobying for renewable energy in Washington and all around the world. The documentary film «An Inconvenient Truth», directed by Davis Guggenheim, was aimed at educating citizens about global warming and was a box-office success, winning two Academy Awards in the process and a Nobel Prize for its mentor.

Not bad for a professional politician and even though rumours about Al Gore playing the activist while pursuing its own personal agenda were always around, they just never managed to gain momentum. At least until now.

Yesterday, Al Gore and his partners concluded the deal that sold Current TV, yes, the progressive media channel, to the Qatar-financed Al Jazeera. Qatar, it is well known, makes living from selling fossil fuels to the world. Not only has it made Qatar very, very rich as also the country with the largest per capita footprint around the globe.

According to a press release announced by Current TV’s staff, we can read that «as you may know, Al Jazeera is funded by the government of Qatar, which is the United States’ closest ally in the Gulf Region, and is where the United States bases its Middle East Air Force operations». No reference to oil or gas business and, (pam!) negative points, reference to military warfare.

Besides environmental issures, incovenient may have been the timing of the deal. According to some sources around the web, Al Gore, a Democrat who was supposed to stand by Obama’s administration policies, wanted the deal concluded before the end of 2012, for tax reasons. Decent rich folk also have to make money, I suppose.

Despite the bads, we should stick to the positives. Al Gore did a stupendous job at raising awareness for the climate challenges ahead of us, regardless of his real intentions. In the process, he managed to get people and, more specificaly, the youth, involved, militating against big oil business and environmental deterioration.

The «An Inconvenient Truth» motion picture and, most importantly, its message, remain urgent. The content of the expositions presented is overall accurate and must not not lose any type of credibility with such business practices: the message must prevail. Now, as it was before, it is up for the people to pursue the objective of environmental respect and clean energy.

Moreover, I think Al Jazeera has earned its space in today’s global media panoram as a respectable news agency with great regional insights.

The real problem here is the lack of coherence and responsability shown by a Nobel Laureate who offered himself to be the face of one of the most crucial causes of modern times.


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