Can Bad Robot’s “Stranger” be the teaser for Rod Serling’s “The Stops Along The Way”?

The only sure thing about this new teaser by Bad Robot is that JJ Abrams and Michael Giacchino are up for no good.

All we know is that “Stranger” is a dramatic teaser for a new entertainment project and, as the web remains mostly clueless, there are already a few theories buzzing around.

Do you really want to you what “Stanger” is about?

Let me take a long shot here.

Stars. Dark, intense, retro photography. Haunting score. Cryptic, intricated action. Creepy narration. Sinister dude with sewn shut lips.

Can it be a ‘Lost’ spin-off? It could be, but doesn’t feel like it. It feels more sinister with that macabre, ghastly, twist at the end.

So here’s my bet: remember when, about two and a half months ago, word spread that JJ Abrams was developing an unproduced script by Twilight Zone legend Rod Serling as a miniseries for the 2013-14 television season?

This must be it. How awesome would it be?


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