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I’m Waiting Here

Second song in a row here (don’t get used to this, I’m not turning ‘The Weather Forecaster’ into a music blog).

This brand new track by the iconic David Lynch is absolutely spot on. It’s dreamy, hypnotic, bluesy though not noir, inducing the listener into a warm melancholic state.

The video blends beautifully with the song.

Yesterday I started to read the book ‘La société du spectacle’ by Guy Debord. The main topic is the transformation of life into a representation. For him, the decline of social life under advanced capitalism can be understood as ‘the decline of being into having, and of having into merely appearing‘.

Though I’m having a hard time (I confess) getting into it I can’t wait to keep on trying. I’d love to share some thoughts about it on the upcoming days.

Have a nice week.


Party on a Floating Cake

Gorgeous track by japanese multi-instrumental singer-songwritter Takako Minekawa and chinese/american guitarist Dustin Wong.

The song develops with Wong (ab)using the delay on his guitar to produce those quick repetitions to go along with Minekawa’s delicate ethereal chants and steady drones.

Wong’s looping technique allows him to overlap all those different guitar elements like a cotton-candy machine (or an architect, for that matter), gradually combining different contrasting rhythms into intricated melodies.

That transition at 1:32 (from where Minekawa takes over) when he cuts the velocity of the delay off a bit is super cool.

Minekawa, on the other side, quietly builds her momentum to take over the song with extreme sensitivity.

Is this sensitivity that, combined with Wong’s geometric guitar, brings the piece to life in a very visual way, like some sort of wind in a painting.

You can find it on their brand new album ‘Toropical Circle’.

It made my day (musically speaking).